Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shibori Dyeing

Michael Smith is a Shibori artist from Asheville, North Carolina. Michael Smith makes hundreds of hand made pieces and none of them are the same.He has been creating these amazing pieces for over 25 years. He has a website which i will link below in which explains everything that he does. He also has a shop on Etsy which is a website like amazon but for clothes. He does all different types of shibori and likes to keep his options open.

His work is retail design. He sells the pieces on Etsy where he has his own shop. I picked this artist because his work seemed very colorful and fun to look at. All of his pieces are completely different and not one is alike. Thats the beauty of shibori you never know what youre going to get.
ruanna and 2 layer skirt11 jacket

Art History Music Video Project

The piece that our group chose was "The Arlnofini Wedding." It was a really fun piece to recreate. We all contribuated to the different aspects of the piece. If i were to do this piece agian i probably would have put a little bit more detail into it.

Perspective Project

What is this artwork intended to say?
This piece is intended to show the pier at the beach because that is where i used to live and the beach is my favorite place. 

Did you gain skill with familiar materials?
I used oil pastels for this project and i became more familiar with how to use them during this. I learned how to blend them so it looked fluent and not like a third grader drew it.