Art 1 Final Exam

Required Question: I believe that having an open art room really helped me to grow as an artist. The first two projects we had to use a specific material and that was annoying but after that we could use whatever we wanted. The limit in the first two projects affected my desire to do the project which I believe changed how well it turned out. The rest of my projects I had open range on my materials that i used. All of those turned out really well and i was proud of them. Overall I think that having an "Open Art Room" helped me grow as an artist.

-Regardless of whether you liked or disliked a project, which one did you learn, grow or developed the most from? 
          -The project that I learned the most from was the sculpture project. For this project I carved a bee hive into the book pages and then drew a little bee in the corner of the page. When I first started this project I did not expect for it to be so much work and so difficult. It's hard to cut little pentagons into a book with an exacto knife. But from this project I learned a lot of new techniques and patience. That is why my sculpture project is the project that I grew the most from. 

-Which project was your most successful? Describe the theme and or topic and the process you went through to complete this project.
          -My most successful project that I did was probably my perspective project. For this project I did a pier at the beach going out toward the sunset. This one was my most successful because I thought that it looked really cool with the oil pastels that I used and turned out to look sort of realistic. The process for this project was very simple. First, I planned out all my options and got peoples opinions to decide which one i would do. Next, I drew out a full page sketch of the pier and beach and tested different mediums on it. Once I decided on oil pastels I drew out my project and then added my medium. I'm very proud with the way it turned out.

-Medium: Which medium did you most enjoy working with and why? Which medium did you not use but wish you had explored? 
          -I most enjoyed working with water colored pencils. They were very simple and easy to work with. I like using them better than just using regular because you have more control with the pencils than you do with the normal. I did not get a chance to work with clay and I really wish i had. Clay seems like it would be so much fun to work with. 

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